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Finkea reviews: Explore it’s varied account types []


New traders often think that creating an account on a crypto trading platform is a complex procedure. They often become confused about which type of account will be the most suitable for starting a trading journey. Not only beginners, but professional traders also often find it difficult to make up their minds before choosing an account which will efficiently assist them in becoming successful in the Forex trading market. If you are also facing this kind of difficulty, this article is just for you. Finkea is a famous crypto-trading platform that has become popular among traders due to its advanced features and wide range of facilities. On the Finkea platform, you have several options of account from which you can choose the right one for you. You just need to check out the benefits of each account and match your experience level with them to find the appropriate one for you. Now, let me introduce the types of accounts available here. 

Types of accounts available at Finkea platform 

Finkea has created five types of accounts considering the different expertise levels of the traders. These five types of accounts are Beginner, Trader, Expert, VIP and Exclusive. All five accounts have their unique facilities which can offer you a great trading experience. Let’s check out each account one by one. 

Beginner account

From the name of the account, you can guess that this is the basic account of this platform. The minimum investment for the beginner platform is £5000. Through this account, you will get access to essential trading functionalities. The beginner account of Finkea allows you to access facilities like the dedicated manager, free VPS and 24*5 customer support. This type of account is ideal for beginners and traders with little trading experience. 

Trader account

On the Finkea platform, the Trader Account is basically the standard account where you can get a bit better facilities than the Beginner account. The minimum investment for this account is £10,000. It has all the facilities of the Beginner account with a greater leverage option. This account is mainly designed for casual traders who have moderate experience in trading. 

Expert account 

This account of Finkea has the most comprehensive features with some greater benefits. To create this account you need to invest a minimum of £25,000. Along with all the benefits of the Trader account, this account provides you with unlimited open positions and the facility of trading signals. This account is basically for experienced traders who are looking for advanced trading features and benefits. 

VIP account 

From the name alone you can tell that this account is for the VIP traders with great trading volumes. The minimum deposit for this Finkea account is £50,000. This account provides all the benefits of the Expert account with a much greater leverage option. This account meets the needs of institutional investors. 

Exclusive account  

With a minimum deposit amount of £100,000, this account of Finkea provides the maximum facilities and benefits. It has the highest leverage option of all the other accounts. This account is only for the high-budget pro traders who require maximum benefits from the platform. 


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