Auditor-general Odysseas Michaelides is the most popular individual of all independent institutions, with 71 per cent of the public having a positive view of him, it emerged on Monday.

The findings are in stark contrast with attorney-general (AG) George Savvides who has only 29 per cent of people satisfied with his work.

According to the survey carried out by Pulse Market Research on behalf of Phileleftheros, 58 per cent responded negatively to the question about whether they were satisfied with the work of Savvides. Only 29 per cent answered positively, while 13 per cent did not give an answer.

Where the deputy attorney general Savvas Angelides is concerned, only 24 per cent of people could respond positively about him.

A 51 per cent proportion said they were not satisfied with his work while the remaining 25 per cent did not respond.

The survey also revealed that voters affiliated with Akel and Diko are most opposed to the AG, at 66 per cent and 61 per cent respectively.

From Disy, 51 per cent of the party voters are negative towards the AG and 36 per cent positive.

The figures are relatively similar where Angelides is concerned, with 47 per cent of Disy voters responding negatively on whether they are satisfied with him.

Akel and Diko voters are at 58 per cent and 49 per cent negative on Angelides.

In stark contrast, the majority of party voters are satisfied with Michaelides.

Specifically, 70 per cent of Disy voters, 79 per cent of Akel voters, 89 per cent of those supporting Diko and 69 per cent of other party voters say they are satisfied with the auditor general.