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Kyrenia revamp a disgrace

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I came across your item about the building work being carried out in Kyrenia harbour while doing research before booking a holiday – I live in the UK. I am shocked and sad to see what is happening. I can hardly believe my eyes!

I was just about to book a hotel in Kyrenia with my daughter in the Autumn but having seen your photos of the devastation and read about a concrete pavement along the harbour, revisiting Kyrenia would be heartbreaking. I had told my daughter about the beautiful a walk along the harbour – well it certainly doesn’t look like it now.

Come on builders and the overseeing authority in Kyrenia – what were you thinking?

Some idiot has made a bit of short term profit in return for a big drop in tourist numbers and income from tourists in the long term.

Sadly, we won’t be visiting.


Sue Yilmaz, UK

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