Beleaguered Akamas National Forest Park road projects will restart in April, Agriculture Minister Maria Panayiotou said on Tuesday, adding they would “prioritise environmental preservation”.

The decisions were made during a cabinet meeting earlier in the day.

Panayiotou emphasised the importance of preserving the park’s ecological integrity and said the government’s approach would address both immediate and long-term concerns.

“Today’s decisions reflect our commitment to balancing development with environmental conservation in the Akamas National Forest Park,” she said.

“We are implementing measures to resume works while minimising the environmental impact, ensuring the safety of visitors, and adhering to legal requirements.”

The cabinet decision will see the establishment of a project team tasked with implementing strict environmental and technical monitoring, along with the appointment of a steering committee responsible for decision-making.

She also underscored the importance of consulting with NGOs and local communities throughout the process to ensure their input is considered in the decision-making process.