Of course, you already know what the weather in Cyprus is like. Because the island is bathed in sunshine and boasts warm summers, you might not have given all too much thought to installing a high-quality heating system.

But what if you can combine a much-needed cooling system with an efficient heating system that can warm up your home as needed? Well, then an air to air heat pump might just be the thing for you! Keep reading to learn more about how this energy system works and why it could be the perfect addition to your home.

What is an air to air heat pump?

An air to air heat pump is a heating and cooling system that converts heat from the air outside into heat that is transferred into your home. It also works as a cooling system by converting air into energy that can then cool down your indoor space. This means that an air to air heat pump unit can be an energy- and space-efficient substitute for a boiler and an air conditioning unit.

Air to air heat pumps are considered renewable energy systems, as they make use of the air outside instead of fossil fuels to operate. This makes them highly sustainable energy systems that can tend to the energy needs of any household looking for cooling during the hot Cyprus summers or heating during colder periods.

How does an air to air heat pump work?

Air to air heat pumps work by using vapor compression refrigeration, by which it absorbs heat from the air outside and transfers it inside your home. To provide cool air, the heat pump draws in ambient air and the heat from it is transferred to a refrigerant to be cooled down and then released inside.

Air to air heat pumps are installed outside of the home, meaning that you will be able to save space when it comes to your heating and cooling appliance. This system is highly efficient, but there are some factors that can impact the efficiency of the air to air heat pump. These include the size of the building it provides heating or cooling for, how often it is used, the insulation of your home, and the climate in which it operates.

What are the benefits of an air to air heat pump?

Aside from allowing you to become more environmentally-friendly by using a renewable energy source, air to air heat pumps have several other advantages. Here are but a few of the benefits of installing an air pump for your home:

  • Reduce your electricity usage by up to 50% in comparison to traditional boilers and air conditioning units.
  • Enjoy the versatility of an air to air heat pump, as it can provide heating and cooling depending on your needs.
  • You can reap the benefits of your sustainable energy system for a long time, as air to air heat pumps have an estimated lifespan of 10 – 15 years.
  • Air to air heat pumps are easy to install, as all they require is a hole in your outside wall, meaning that the installation process can be finalized in just one day.
  • This energy system is extremely low maintenance. All it needs is a periodic check from an installer to ensure that the unit hasn’t suffered any damage.

With all those impressive advantages, you might be convinced that it is worth investing in an air to air heat pump. However, before making any big decisions, you should be aware of some of the downsides of such an energy system.

For instance, the temperature outside might affect the efficiency of your air to air heat pump significantly. As a result, it might not produce sufficient energy to warm up or cool down your home when you need it to. In addition, these systems can be quite expensive and you might also need to invest in extra parts to guarantee that your heat pump can function optimally.

How can I install an air to air heat pump?

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of an air to air heat pump and enjoy the hot and cool air it can provide for your home throughout the year, then there are a few things you should know before installing your appliance.

Firstly, you need to ensure that your house has proper insulation. This allows for minimum heat or cool air loss, so that you and your family can fully enjoy the workings of your air to air heat pump.

You will also need to make sure that you have enough space outside of your home to install the heat pump. While the unit is quite compact, it does require some outdoor space, so make sure that the location where you intend to have the heat pump installed is adequate.

Finally, the most important thing you’ll have to do to ensure a smooth air to air heat pump installation process is to work with a professional installer. Installing the unit yourself can be dangerous or lead to damage to your home or to the air to air heat pump. To avoid any accidents, make sure to hire a reliable and certified installer to work on your home.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what air to air heat pumps are and how they work. So, if you want to withstand the hot summers on Cyprus and stay cozy during the colder periods without burning fossil fuels, then you should certainly give some thought to an air to air heat pump!