The response from political parties and stakeholders regarding the legislation introduced by Disy to the House health committee, which requires insurance coverage for all doctors to practice in Cyprus, was seemingly favourable, according to the committee’s deputy chair and Disy MP Savia Orphanidou.

Speaking after Thursday’s meeting, she said all involved parties have expressed their desire for the legislation to be approved, adding that it would be to the benefit of both doctors and patients, as doctors would be covered against professional negligence.

Based on the current legislation, doctors working within the national health scheme Gesy’s are covered, while doctors working in the private sector are covered based on contracts stipulated for practice in private hospitals.

However, Orphanidou pointed out that “there are many private doctors who do not have insurance coverage”.

She also said that issues regarding the amount and procedures of insurance coverage were raised during the meeting, adding that they will be addressed internally by the Cyprus Medical Association and by insurance companies, in order to issue specific regulations.

Akel MP Marina Nicolaou said that as a matter of principle, she agrees with the idea of having insurance coverage for all healthcare professionals, including doctors.

However, she also said that Akel will await answers to questions raised during the meeting regarding doctors who are within Gesy but who are employed by the health ministry and not by the state health service (Okypy).

“In our view, a doctor’s insurance coverage does not necessarily mean financial exploitation by insurance companies,” Nicolaou said.