The attorney-general’s (AG) decision surrounding the investigation of Andreas Loizou’s death has made a mockery of justice, Loizou’s family said in a damning statement on Thursday.

The AG will charge one police officer for deliberately failing to properly investigate Louizou’s death, and though two drivers were implicated in the deadly road accident, only one was identified – who will not face criminal charges – while no effort will seemingly occur to locate the other.

“[Loizou’s] murderers are not paying for their actions and living their lives as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, our family has been completely wrecked. First, we lost our Andreas and then his father, sick with grief, left us too.”

Though 12 years have passed since Loizou died in a road accident at age 17, no one has been punished for his death.

The case was reopened last year amid accusations of a police coverup for an allegedly well-connected person involved in the accident.

“One of Andreas’ murderers’ is not being prosecuted yet again. The other was never found, just like magic.”

Loizou’s family on Thursday said the AG’s decision filled them with “bitterness and grief”.

Their statement stressed their demand for fair and equal justice. “Stop fooling us for 12 years…We don’t want to raise our children in a society that does not have proper justice.

The family also referred to Thanasis Nicolaou, whose death has been described as a major coverup ongoing for almost 20 years.

“Today it’s our Andreas, our Thanasis, tomorrow another child. Justice must exist for everyone, not selectively.”

The accident took place under Moutayiaka bridge on September 2, 2012, in the early hours of the morning. Loizou was driving his motorbike and a car behind him with a female driver tried to overtake him.

An incoming car with a 21-year-old driver swerved to avoid her and instead crashed into Loizou, who died.

The female driver fled the scene and was never found. The family accused police of a coverup after press releases related to the case disappeared from the website.