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A reflection on anti-racism day

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Thursday March 21 was International Day Against Racism and Discrimination.

Racism which is a form of prejudice that includes negative emotional reactions to members of a group, and racial discrimination against individuals, and in some cases leads to violence is a crime that humans must struggle to end.

It is stupid to think that you are better than another human being or to think that you are superior while another particular race or group of people are inferior. Many are practising racism because they are illiterate where life and humans are concerned. You can only claim to be superior to others if you can’t die, if you can’t be sick, if you don’t struggle or face challenges in life or if you have a different kind of blood flowing your veins. So, only fools practise racism and the only thing they need is knowledge about life, that no human being is better than another.

You might be black or white, rich or poor, tall or short, from the third world or first world, we are all the same. You can only be superior to others if you are so wise that you create solutions to problems plaguing mankind.  But if you refuse to associate with someone just because he or she is from a different part of the world, you need to go back to the school of life.

The practice of racism is behind the numerous problems we are facing today such as low productivity, insecurity, hunger and poverty. The world has become a global village and the only thing we need now is to learn how to live together as one. Let’s tolerate each other, let’s love one another, let’s stop racism and embrace each other.

We might be different in skin colour, countries, languages, but we are the same in all.

Stop racism and discrimination against individuals a community or group for a better society.

Lapana Tasha Mamah, asylum seeker in the Republic of Cyprus


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