The patients’ association (Osak) called on all state healthcare (Gesy) beneficiaries to activate their online medical profiles in an announcement on Thursday.

The organisation called on the public to update their information on the Gesy database, including their mobile phone number and email address, to be enabled to receive registration information made on their behalf by health care providers.

Monitoring registrations made in their name by Gesy providers is a means of protecting the system from fraud, Osak said.

Each beneficiary knows which providers he/she has visited and which services he/she has received. Therefore, fraudulent information for service compensation can be detected most readily by the beneficiaries themselves, Osak noted.

According to the patients’ association, many electronic files contain mobile phone numbers and email addresses that do not match those of the real owners of the file.

Likewise, five years past the system’s implementation large numbers of beneficiaries have yet to activate their files, while, in many cases phone numbers and e-mail addresses have changed without being updated.

Beneficiaries with activated Gesy profiles gain the added benefit of immediately access to their data and the validity of their referrals, or drug prescriptions, and will not need to take the extra step of contacting their providers’ offices to obtain this information.