The Legal Service met with the police chief over the Osiou Avakoum monastery scandal on Thursday, to pour over the results of ongoing investigations.

The meeting began at 10am and wrapped by around noon.

Police chief Stelios Papatheodorou was asked by a pool of reporters as he left the legal service whether he was satisfied with the investigations so far.

“We believe things are moving normally.”

Investigators who have handled the case presented their findings for evaluation before the attorney-general George Savvides.

During the meeting, the AG was also briefed over the video showing a monk beating a woman. Police have already assigned the case to the vulnerable persons unit.

Authorities have been criticised for not moving to make any arrests yet, while a six-member church committee was said to be working at a ‘feverish pace’ on the case.

The case unfolded after two monks were allegedly found with €800,000 in cash, and property in Greece and Limassol. They were also allegedly caught on CCTV footage having sex with each other.

A separate meeting took place at the AG’s office to discuss golden passports.