The recently held TEDxMolos event, which took place on March 27 at the Plevsis Hall in Limassol’s Old Port area, truly lived up to its theme of ‘Local Legends: From Passion to Change’.

The Cyprus Mail was a media partner of TedxMolos, allowing us to experience this groundbreaking event first-hand.

The evening kicked off at 18:30, and it was a whirlwind of inspirational talks, mesmerising performances, and the kind of networking that makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger.

Gala Grigoreva, the powerhouse behind this event and CMO at Adsterra, alongside her role with Women in Tech Cyprus, really set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

She and her team’s efforts to bring people together for this cause were palpable at every moment of the event.

The speakers included diverse individuals, each sharing insights from their own life’s work, ranging from psychology and biotechnology to entrepreneurship, digital well-being, and even the art of maternity.

It started with Philippos Aristotelous, who got us all thinking with his talk on ‘the hidden power of constraint.’

Then, Dr Marianna Prokopi-Demetriades, a biotech innovator and Clinical Associate Professor in Research Oncology took us on a fascinating journey into the future of oncology and innovative cancer treatments, making us all feel a bit more hopeful about the world.

But the stories didn’t stop there. Stylianos Lambrou, a heart-centred entrepreneur and community builder, shared his journey of community-focused entrepreneurship, and Nataliia Miranchuk brought a new angle to maternity, weaving it with creativity.

Sofia Popovidou wrapped up the speaking sessions with her insightful perspective on digital well-being and the impact of social media on our lives.

And the excitement continues as TEDxMolos isn’t stopping here. Next up is TEDxMolos Women on September 26, and after the incredible experience this time, I’m looking forward to what’s next!


A special acknowledgement was given to the sponsors, Adsterra and Wise Wolves Group, for their pivotal role in making the event possible.

Moreover, aside from the Cyprus Mail, the event was also supported by Fast Forward, the Together Forever Foundation, and Women in Tech Cyprus.

TEDxMolos is an annual TED-licensed event, a dynamic celebration fostering the local Limassol community. It’s a unique blend of ideas, inspiration, and community spirit, set against the stunning backdrop of Limassol’s Old Port, where the Molos embankment begins.

TEDxMolos is an evening of immersion into the stories, performances, and innovations that are already shaping the reality and future of our community. TEDxMolos is an inspirational space for building meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.