The documentary Varosha, the European Fenced-off City serves as both a reminder and a call to action.

The film’s purpose is to heighten global awareness of the unacceptable and illegal situation that has persisted for 50 years in the fenced-off city of Varosha. It highlights the violent transformation of Varosha from a prominent Mediterranean resort and home to 20,000 people in 1974, into a restricted military zone, off-limits to all European citizens on European soil.

Featuring interviews with notable local figures, the documentary sheds light on the under-reported story of Varosha’s isolation, endeavouring to inform the international community and garner the attention of global bodies, aiding in the uncovering of truths and guiding future policy. The effort is led by Tonis Toumazis, in collaboration with the “Varosha Initiative” team and Green Olive Productions.

CyBC screened the documentary’s premiere in August 2023, and discussions are currently under way with international broadcasters to extend its reach later in the year. Meanwhile, to kick off the film’s global screening campaign, MEP Loucas Fourlas will host a screening in Brussels on April 8, 2024.

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