The meteorology department has issued a yellow weather warning for Monday in effect from 10am until 7pm. Intense storms are expected with precipitation rates between 35 and 55 millimeters per hour.

The day will start off partly cloudy with isolated rains, mainly in the mountains, gradually turning overcast with further rains and thunderstorms expected island wide. Hail is also possible. Temperatures will rise to 24C inland, 22C on the coast, and 12C in the higher mountains. Winds will be mainly north- to south-easterly, light to moderate up to 4 Beaufort and in the afternoon strong, up to 5 Beaufort. The sea will be rough.

Overnight will remain overcast with intermittent rains and isolated storms expected in the west, south and east. Temperatures will drop to 10C inland, 13C on the coast, and 5C in the higher mountains. Winds will remain mainly north- to south-easterly, moderate at 4 Beaufort, and temporarily strong, 5 Beaufort. The sea will remain rough.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday clouds and isolated storms are predicted to continue.

The temperature will fluctuate at the same levels on Tuesday, close to the climatic averages, while a gradual rise is expected on Wednesday and Thursday.