Disy leader Annita Demetriou said on Tuesday that those who care about the party should be “with us and not against us”.

Speaking on the sidelines of a press conference, she was asked about a number of recent departures from the party.

Departures include Paralimni deputy mayoral candidate Kleanthis Koutsofas and Paphos governor candidate Marios Tselepos, as well as the high-profile departure of former government spokesman and now Elam MEP candidate Marios Pelekanos.

She said, “the party is moving forward united and strong. We are not going to deal with anything else other than setting out our political positions and our policy interventions.

“For us, it is our highest priority that Disy does well in the [upcoming] elections, so that the country can do well, too.”

She added that the party “conducts its politics on political and not personal issues,” and that she will not allow the continuation of any discussion which is “aimed purely at personal issues.

We have very serious issues which people expect us to deal with… and we will focus on them,” she said.

She added, “it serves no purpose at this time, if we really care about this party, to operate in a way that damages it, and I call on my Disy friends to protect their home.

“Disy is no one’s personal business. This party has principles and values and will preserve them for the good of Cyprus above all.”

Speaking on the party’s record since entering opposition following last year’s presidential elections, she said “we said from the first moment that we would be a responsible opposition, and we have proven that when needed we will support the government and when we disagree, we will go even further.”

She added, “we never hid that we had to manage a difficult political situation after the outcome of the presidential elections and those who want to help and care about Disy should stand by us, with us, and not against us.”