Police have found a car part of a third vehicle possibly involved in a fatal crash earlier in the week that killed a 17-year-old, it was reported on Wednesday.

On Monday, a fatal crash occurred on the Palaichori-Nicosia Road killing 17-year-old Alexandros Kashioulis.

From what police have so far determined, the teen had been driving a stolen vehicle when he crashed into a petrol tanker.

According to police, the teen then seems to have got out of the vehicle to flee the scene, when he was hit by an oncoming car.

A post-mortem carried out by state pathologists Aggeliki Pappetta and Orthodoxos Orthdoxou, showed that the teen died from multiple fractures and cranial injury.

On Wednesday, police said that a Nissan might be involved in the accident, as a piece from a TIIDA model was found at the scene.

The model of the vehicle is estimated to be from 2004 to 2012, and the car might have other damage on it from the accident.

Police have again issued a plea for anyone with any knowledge of the accident to contact them.