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Artificial nests placed to promote pest control

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Larnaca-based renewable energy company, Bioland Energy Group, has placed 34 artificial nests for barn owls in various locations across Cyprus to promote sustainable pest control.

The initiative, part of their corporate social responsibility programme, aims to combat rodent populations in a natural and eco-friendly manner, steering clear of harmful chemicals.

The solar energy equipment supplier in Larnaca has strategically installed the artificial nests in 24 communities where it is developing photovoltaic parks, not only to address pest issues but also foster biodiversity and support local ecosystems.

Biological control of rodents by placing artificial nests of birds is the most recommended practice, as it is friendly to the environment and human health. So far, the renewable energy company installed nests in Mazoto, Maroni, Agios Theodoros Larnaca, Alethrico, Alamino, Klaydia, Aradippou, Athienou, Menoyia, Anafotia, Agioi Trimithias, Cheri, Marki, Anglicides, Kivisili, Yeri, Agios Ioannis Malounta, Avgorou, Achna, Xylotympou, Pyla, Trullous, Avdellero and Potami. The coordinates of the nests on maps have been documented and will also be shared with the relevant government agencies for recording and monitoring purposes.

Bioland Energy Group plans to extend this initiative by installing 16 more nests in areas earmarked for future park development.

Barn owls, renowned nocturnal hunters, play a vital role in agriculture by preying on rodents that pose significant threats to crops. Through the provision of secure nesting sites, Bioland Energy Group is not only aiding in the recovery of barn owl populations but also facilitating the protection of surrounding farmland over an expansive area.

Moreover, these artificial nests may serve as shelters for other bird species, further enhancing biodiversity and ecological resilience.

Bioland Energy Group Ltd is one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) sector in Cyprus. It has 67 photovoltaic parks with a capacity of 78 MW connected to the national grid, while providing electricity to business consumers.


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