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Transition your look from winter to summer

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CHRISTIANA MICHAELIDOU on how to straddle seasons

While it is hot during the day, it is still a bit chilly during the night. This only makes us a bit confused as we are not sure of what to wear and what we really should have in our wardrobes.

While we wait for the weather to fully catch up, there are a few pieces needed now. And when it comes to indecisive weather, the main thing to be concerned about is comfort.

Initially, knowing the materials you need to focus on is key as well as the materials you need to avoid. Breathable, light materials make the difference when it comes to transitional outfits.

Linen is one of the most comfortable and durable materials designed for maximum airflow. It is definitely a material you should invest in as it can be worn in all sorts of climates as it is a natural fibre, and undoubtedly a great option for the Spring/Summer season.

fashion linenLinen is also a very easy material if you are in a rush as you can just reduce its wrinkles with a light spray of water and gently smoothing it out with your hand.


fashion silkSmooth as silk

Silk is also a great option when it comes to light, breathable materials, however you should avoid satin as it is exactly the opposite. Satin makes you sweat and feel uncomfortable, and it is also very easy to stain. These are all due to it being a synthetic material.

While they might look the same, they are definitely not. Both have a shiny, glossy appearance however silk has a luxurious feel on both sides unlike satin which has a dull back surface causing the skin to get easily irritated and sticky.

Silk dresses and skirts are a must in your spring/summer wardrobe as they are the easiest to match and style. White, green, peachy undertones, and of course always a classic nude or/and black are the way to go.


fashion denimAny time any where denim

Moving on to another classic yet always classy option: denim. Denim is a material suitable for every occasion. Choosing the right type of denim can elevate your outfit as well as make everything ten times comfier, and that is when you know you can’t go wrong.

Oversized denim shirts, high-waist and low-waist wide-leg jeans as well as denim oversized tops such as waistcoats are the way to go this summer and every summer. Baggy jeans are also still a trend that we are not ready to let go of yet. Keeping it casual on some occasions and changing the scene up with the perfect top as well as the appropriate shoes and jewellery can make your outfit go from a chill day to night out ready.


fashion viscose Natural viscose

Last but not least, viscose. Viscose is a very durable material despite its lightweight feel that is made from natural products such as bamboo and wood chips.

Viscose dresses, as well as lightweight viscose tie-front cardigans are a great option for your spring/summer outings.

Transitional pieces are difficult to spot and style due to the uncertainty of the weather. However, making sure that you stick to the proper materials will make your life easier when it comes to creating your outfits.


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