A plan to support young people to own homes in the mountains is expected to be announced before the summer, mountains commissioner Charalambos Christophinis said on Tuesday.

He added that consultations are underway with the state health services (Okypy) to upgrade the facilities of the Troodos Hospital in Kyperounda.

He also said arrangements have been agreed on regarding education and transport in mountainous areas.

In an interview with the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), Christophinis said there is an urgent need for actions to prevent further withering of mountainous areas, adding that priority for them is to have safe transport, health and education.

At the same time, however, he said that moves are being made to boost economic activity in the mountain areas so that there are vocational and habitation options for young people who wish to settle or remain in these areas.

Improving the provision of internet services in mountainous areas will also contribute.

“We have a vision to attract new businesses to operate in certain areas,” the commissioner said.

In this regard, Christophinis said there is a need for easy access to the mountainous areas, i.e. the need for a road network, both between communities and highways leading there.