Monday marked the 97th anniversary of the establishment of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Keve), an institution that has played a key role in shaping the island nation’s economic landscape.

The announcement noted that the chamber was “founded on April 29, 1927, amidst challenging political and economic conditions”, by a group of “visionary entrepreneurs of the time who took bold initiatives to organise the business community, providing it with a unified voice and contributing significantly to Cyprus’ economic trajectory”.

“The history of Keve is closely intertwined with the political and economic history of Cyprus,” the chamber explained.

“Throughout the most crucial times, Keve has been a steadfast advocate for economic development, social cohesion, and overall progress, always prioritizing the assurance of industrial peace,” the statement added.

Moreover, the chamber noted that its imprint can be found in every significant institutional reform undertaken in the country.

These, the announcement continued, include the tripartite cooperation between employers and trade unions, collective agreements, the social insurance system, trade liberalisation, the establishment of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE), the creation of industrial zones and infrastructure projects, Limassol port privatisation, the implementation of the General Healthcare System (Gesy), among many others.

“As we celebrate 97 years since our inception, Keve remains the government’s primary advisor on matters concerning services, industry, innovation, energy, labour welfare, economic diplomacy, European affairs, and beyond,” the chamber said in its statement.

“For 97 years, Keve has remained dedicated to its principles and values, steadfastly promoting responsible entrepreneurship for a robust economy and a healthy, prosperous society,” it added.

“Keve has been, is, and will continue to be a key player in Cyprus’ economic development and progress,” the statement concluded.