Agriculture and Justice Ministers Maria Panayiotou and Marios Hartsiotis held a meeting with representatives of the police force on Thursday to collectively review the framework governing fireworks usage and discuss potential enhancements.

Following last week’s large fires near Limassol and Paphos, respectively caused by explosives and fireworks, Panayiotou announced the revocation of all permits for fireworks.

Asked by journalists whether the measure will be permanent, Panayiotou explained that fireworks that need to be launched from the ground require a special permit.

“Due to the possibility of fires caused by fireworks, the mining service revoked the permits precisely to investigate these incidents,” she said.

“We are putting everything back on the table, and in the coming days, we will decide how to address the whole issue.”

According to reports, after Thursday’s meeting, all three parties will follow up with other relevant stakeholders to examine all aspects of the use of fireworks and to discuss measures to tighten the framework governing them.

Panayiotou was also asked about the progress of the investigation into the causes of the recent fire near Limassol.

“The investigation is still ongoing,” she said, adding that statements will be made when it will be completed.