A factory in Nicosia’s Dali and Latsia has purchased €1 million in equipment before receiving the necessary permits, residents from the area alleged on Saturday, calling on the state to put a stop to the factory’s “suspicious activity.”

In a statement, residents from the area called on the environmental department, agriculture ministry, the House environment committee and the environment commissioner to put a stop to the project.

They said the factory had received a permit from the environment department to process plastic but re-applied for aluminium processing.

Although it has not yet received the go-ahead for the latest application, it has moved to purchase €1 million in equipment.

The residents raised concern that the factory is seeking to change the use of its permit after it installed equipment for aluminium processing “without public consultation.

“This has raised suspicions and distrust over their intentions.”

Residents added the environmental study flagged issues surrounding the factory’s waste. It also highlighted measures should be taken in case of a fire.

“Fires often break out in the area, and material was burnt for which residents paid the price.”

Public consultation is open until May 10, and residents called on the public to raise objections on the following link: https://eia.moa.gov.cy/public/eiaview.html?no=3659