A fire fighters’ rescue team responded to the scene of a collision in Larnaca after the 19-year-old driver of a vehicle deviated from his course as and hit the road railings becoming trapped, shortly before 10pm on Sunday.

Firefighters extricated the young man using hydraulic rescue equipment and handed the driver over to the ambulance team to be taken to Larnaca hospital A&E, where he is being treated for fractures, broken ribs and a broke nose.

The police are investigating the causes of the crash and the reasons the driver lost control, first hitting the dividing island and then crashing into the barriers on the left coming to a standstill. The 19-year-old was given a preliminary alcohol test with a zero reading.

The case is being investigated by the Larnaca traffic police.

Elsewhere on Tuesday night, a fire broke out in the kitchen of a first floor apartment in Engomi, to which the fire service responded at on Sunday afternoon with two fire engines from Nicosia fire stations.

Fire service spokesman Andreas Kettis in a post on X said the counters, household appliances and the wall paint were damaged by the fire which started from the refrigerator, but no one was in danger.

The blaze was extinguished around around 4.30pm.

In total the fire service responded to 26 incidents over the past 24 hours, 15 fires and 11 special services.