Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides on Friday morning filed opposition proceedings against the legal service’s motion to have him suspended from his post.

The first hearing will take place on Thursday.

Michaelides’ legal team filed the objection at around 11:30am at the Supreme Constitutional Court.

Attorney General George Savvides and his deputy Savvas Angelides have called for Michaelides to be removed from his post citing inappropriate behaviour.

Michaelides’ documentation for his opposition is 72 pages long.

He is being represented by the law office of Christos Clerides, George Triantafyllides and Pambos Ioannides.

Their services are being paid for privately by Michaelides.

Meanwhile, the legal service is cooperating with the L. Papaphilippou, and the Kallis & Kallis firms. Should the case go before the supreme court, the legal service cannot appear both as a witness and represent itself, hence the need for external lawyers.