A total of five Cypriots featured in this year’s Sunday Times Rich List’s 100 richest people resident in the United Kingdom.

The highest ranked Cypriot is John Frederiksen, in tenth place. Frederiksen is a Norwegian-born shipping tycoon who acquired Cypriot nationality through naturalisation and is worth £12.9 billion (€15.1bn).

The next-richest Cypriot on the list was Alki David, alongside the Leventis family, who placed in 60th with a net worth of £2.9bn (€3.4bn). David was born in Nigeria to Cypriot parents and is the majority shareholder of the Leventis-David Group, which owns Coca-Cola bottling plants in 28 countries.

Property developer John Christodoulou placed in 70th, with a net worth of £2.5bn (€2.9bn), while real estate proprietors the Lazari family placed in 74th with a net worth of £2.4bn (€2.4bn).

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the founder of the Easy group, placed in 95th, with a net worth of £1.8bn (€2.1bn).

The richest person on the list was Indian tycoon Gopi Hinduja, who has a net worth of £37.2bn (€43.5bn). Ukrainian-born Sir Leonard Blavatnik, who owns the Warner Music group, was second on the list, placed in second with a net worth of £29.2bn (€34.1bn).

Manchester United Football Club owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe placed in fourth with a net worth of £23.5bn (€27.5bn).

Elsewhere on the list, the country’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak placed in 245th, with a net worth of £651 million (€761m), at a time when 22 per cent of the country he governs are living in poverty according to his own government’s official statistics.

Sunak is also richer than the country’s King Charles III, who placed in 248th with a net worth of £610m (€713m).