Friday’s weather will see increased cloud cover across various parts of the island, with the possibility of isolated rain and even the odd storm hitting in the afternoon.

Storms are most likely to occur in the south and east, while rain may also appear further west.

Strong winds are also expected on the south coast, blowing as hard as six on the Beaufort scale, with rough seas as a result.

Temperatures are set to rise to 29 degrees Celsius inland and on the southeast and east coasts, 26 degrees Celsius on the rest of the coasts, and 20 degrees in the mountains.

The skies will clear up overnight, with winds also set to drop. Temperatures will fall to 17 degrees Celsius inland, 18 degrees Celsius on the south and east coasts, 19 degrees Celsius on the west and north coasts, and 11 degrees Celsius in the mountains.

Clear mornings and cloudy afternoons are forecast for Saturday and Sunday, with temperatures gradually rising throughout the weekend, tempered by the possibility of isolated light rain.

Isolated showers and even the odd storm are possible on Monday, with cloud cover expected, and temperatures expected to be slightly lower than the weekend.