DTX Exchange announced today that the platform would be transitioning from the Ethereum blockchain onto the proprietary DTX Layer 1 blockchain. The cutting-edge ownership layer will be designed to facilitate secure, robust, and transparent transactions on the hybrid trading platform. DTX Exchange is a trading platform that bridges the gap between conventional and decentralized assets through an expansive ecosystem.

DTX offers significant benefits over conventional exchanges. The blockchain’s hybrid model provides the optimal solution for traders by leveraging the security and transparency of the proof-of-work mechanism. The proposed blockchain architecture is designed to support decentralized derivatives trading along with a wide range of other financial instruments.

The DTX Blockchain is a Layer 1 protocol designed to seamlessly trade crypto instruments across the chain with minimal fees and rapid transaction processing. The DTX platform claims that the exchange is designed to be completely secure and accommodating for a seamless user experience.

With support for over 120,000 instruments on the platform, DTX supports an expansive range of applications with unrivaled processing speed. The blockchain is an advancement on the conventional blockchain model by allowing developers to create seamless products and experiences.

In additional to the exceptional transaction processing performance, DTX was designed to provide a seamless base for developers. Further details about the testnet launch are expected to be revealed in the coming months.

Breaking Down the historic DTX Presale

Since the inception of the platform, DTX has attracted a community of innovators, developers, and builders who are coming together to create the most powerful hybrid exchanges in web3. The DTX presale has currently sold out its presale stage 1 and currently has over 4,000 unique holders. Additionally, the platform has received extensive support from institutional stakeholders that have supported the technological innovations introduced by the exchange.

DTX Exchange & Applications

With a total supply of 475 million coins, DTX Exchange Token (DTX) aims to provide a sustainable distribution to stakeholders. The platform’s Whitepaper outlines the existing developments and future roadmap for the development of the broader DTX ecosystem.

The DTX token serves as the fundamental governance token of the exchange and facilitates interactions with the DTX blockchain including transaction fees, spending, and other incentive programs. The token will also be used as the basis for validator rewards, peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions on the platforms.

DTX Exchange is excited to introduce a new era of decentralized trading that brings together decentralized and conventional instruments. With a focus on protecting user privacy and security, the platform envisions the creation of a future where access to trading is simpler than ever before.

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