In a glittering evening on May 17, 2024, Eurolife awarded its top Insurance Consultants and Group Managers – those who had set the bar high during 2023 – honouring their performance and hard work. 

Eurolife’s Executive Chairman, Louis Pohanis, emphasised in his address that the Group is increasingly investing in its people. “The work you do is not only reflected in customer satisfaction, but also in the financial results of Eurolife and the Group,” he noted. “Eurolife is a profitable insurer, in every year of operation, with a solvency ratio of more than 200 per cent, and a contribution of more than €10 million to the Group’s annual profits.”

Eurolife General Manager Athena Shipilli Tsingi, pointed out that the driving force of the Agency and its greatest asset is its human network, which is distinguished for its professionalism, experience and the high level of service it offers. “This is the reason for the strong relationship we have built over time with society, and which has established us as the leading Company in the insurance sector,” she said. “It serves more than 140,000 customers on an individual and group basis and its market share in life and health annual renewal premiums is 27.3 per cent.”

Eurolife Sales Director Kate Hambaki, thanked the Sales Network for their commitment to the Company and the amazing results of 2023, and expressed her respect and appreciation to their families who support them every day on their road to success. “Our path to a better tomorrow is intertwined with people, and our mission is to serve them, provide solutions for their needs, prospects for realising their dreams, and adding value to every relationship,” she said.

The three top three Insurance Consultants of the Company who were awarded are:

  • Gabriella Diomedous
  • Doros Lipertis
  • Andreas Andreou       

The Top Network Managers who were awarded (Top Manager Award) are:

  • Panicos Michaelides – 1st Eurolife Top Manager
  • George Zantiotis – 2nd Eurolife Top Manager
  • Pinelopi Stylianou – Top Team Manager     

The top Managers in new annualised personal production premiums are:

  • Andreas Dionysiou
  • Andreas Sakkas
  • Panicos Michaelides

The awards ceremony took place at a nightclub in Limassol, on May 17, 2024, in a unique evening of pride and entertainment, with Greek singer Peggy Zina delivering unique moments to guests.