Lado Okhotnikov, a CEO of Meta Force, DeFi expert, supporter of decentralization and libertarianism, in the article “Lado Okhotnikov: You Can Be Successful Even in “Bearishness” and Meta Force Is an Example of It — 700,000 Users Connected to the Metaverse in a Year” tells about the fascinating world of Meta Force, about new prospects in online business and virtual worlds.

Web 3.0: advanced concepts and real innovation

Ten years ago, the world first heard about the “third generation of the Internet” – Web 3.0, when the Internet solved problems associated with the ownership of digital assets. And although the idea arose in the late 90s, interest in this concept has increased sharply only in recent years. New technologies required new approaches, and one of the striking examples of this was Meta Force – a decentralized Metaverse that not only rethought online business, but also created completely new opportunities for its development.

Meta Force: the future of virtual business in the Metaverse

Meta Force is not just a platform, it is a new reality where everyone can create their own virtual community and monetize their content using cryptocurrency. Meta Force CEO, Lado Okhotnikov, shared his thoughts and inspiration that led to the creation of this innovative project. The Meta Force virtual space is not just a game or a simulator, it is an opportunity to create, earn real money and have full control over your creativity and business.

Metaverse Meta Force: the virtual things integrate with the real ones

One of the key features of Meta Force is based on the principle of “zero trust”, which eliminates the need for intermediaries when conducting operations or transactions. This ensures transparency and security of the process, making the platform reliable for users and investors. Moreover, thanks to the concept of NFTs (unique virtual objects that prove ownership), ownership of game items has become associated not with the expectation of loss, but with real property that cannot be lost.

Breakthrough in the world of Metaverses: prospects and development plans

Despite the general decline in the cryptocurrency market at the beginning of 2023, the Meta Force metaverse has shown impressive growth. Over the past year, the number of platform users has grown by 700,000 and reached one and a half million people. These newcomers not only explore the virtual world, but also actively earn money in it.

Community activity on social networks is also growing: people share their experiences, show screenshots and discuss platform innovations. And the developers themselves generously reward user loyalty. Thus, over the past year, total bonuses from the Royalty program reached $4,502,048.

Meta Force doesn’t stop there. The Force Marketplace trading platform is planned to be launched, which will offer additional opportunities for digital assets and improve the level of security. There are also plans to create an entire ecosystem where virtual objects can be exchanged for their counterparts in the real world. This is just the beginning of the journey, and Meta Force confidently keeps up with the times, creating a future where the virtual and the real are intertwined into a single whole.

Conclusion: Meta Force is a new reality for business in a virtual world

Despite the challenges and difficulties, Meta Force continues to show impressive growth and attracts more and more users from all over the world. This is not just a Metaverse, it is a community of like-minded people united in the pursuit of decentralization and new online business opportunities. Time moves inexorably forward, and Meta Force is the platform that is at the helm of this flow of change, creating a new reality for us all.

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