Monday ushers in a mini-heatwave which is forecast to last at least over the next three days. Temperatures will hit 40C inland, 34C on the south and east coasts, 31C on the remaining coasts, and 30C in the higher mountains.

A yelllow weather warning is in effect from 2.30pm until 3.30pm, with the met office noting temperatures will reach 8C above the average for the season.

At times during the midday hours there will be a complete absence of wind. Winds which occur will initially be variable and light, up to 3 Beaufort, turning mainly south-to north-westerly later in the day, remaining light to moderate, up to 4 Beaufort. The sea will be slightly rough.

Overnight will be clear and warm, with temperatures dropping to 22C in the interior and the coasts, and 20C in the higher mountains. Winds will blow north-westerly to north-easterly, and on the north coast south-easterly, weak, 3 Beaufort. The sea will calm.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the hot weather is expected to continue with temperatures steadily climbing.