Police are looking into an incident involving the tearing of ballot papers by a 58-year-old man in the Nicosia district, as confirmed by police spokesperson Christos Andreou during the morning press briefing on the electoral proceedings.

The man allegedly vandalised three out of six ballot papers he received. Police have launched an investigation under electoral laws, according to Andreou. The man, however, has not been arrested.

“We are optimistic that such incidents will not recur,” Andreou said, stressing that law enforcement remains in constant liaison with the Chief Returning Officer and his associates across all districts.

“This collaborative effort aims to swiftly address any emerging challenges and ensure the integrity of the electoral process,” Andreou said.

He also added that the police operational strategy “is currently in full swing at the Crisis Management Centre of the police headquarters.”

“The operation is active since 6am and will remain active until the end of the entire electoral process.”

In parallel, operational hubs have been activated across all police directorates to ensure seamless coordination.

“In addition to the 2,700 police personnel currently deployed at polling stations, patrols are being conducted in various voting centres to uphold electoral integrity,” Andreou said.