Possible disciplinary offences by state officials have been recorded in the investigation into illegal intervention in the Akamas, Agriculture Minister Maria Panayiotou said on Wednesday.

An investigative officer is expected to be appointed to examine the potential offences.

Speaking after the cabinet meeting at the presidential palace, Panayiotou told the press she briefed the ministers on the findings of the investigating officer. The briefing comes after several calls by environmental groups to publish the latest inquiry and hold accountable those responsible for the now-stalled but destructive roadworks in the environmentally sensitive Akamas.

The officials identified by the inquiry are the former director of the Forestry Department Charalambos Alexandrou and the former director of the Environmental Department Costas Hadjipanayiotou.

Panayiotou explained that potential disciplinary offences related to the implementation of the sustainable development and national park plan for Akamas were found against the two individuals.

The administrative investigation was submitted on May 10 by the investigating officer.

To address this, the minister requested and received approval from the cabinet to appoint an investigating officer to further examine these potential offences. This officer is tasked with submitting their findings within a maximum period of sixty days.

The minister highlighted the seriousness of the matter and cautioned against making any statements that could complicate the investigation process. She expressed a desire to avoid any actions that might hinder or influence the investigation.