How far a driver crosses the traffic line should have a bearing on how heavy the fine is, MPs at the House transport committee agreed on Thursday.

The proposal was put forth by Depa MP Marinos Mousiouttas, who said vehicles that stop on the first line at the traffic lights would pay €25 in his proposal, which is the fine as it currently stands.

He added that if the vehicle is on a pedestrian crossing, then the fine would increase to €85.

Now if the vehicle completely crossed the pedestrian crossing, this would amount to a €300 fine, he said.

The idea behind this is that because these violations have a different gravity of consequences, so should the fines.

“The goal is not the fines. The goal is to comply, not break the law, and not put ourselves or others in danger,” Mousiouttas said.

Should the bill be voted into law, the transport ministry will have to make some tweaks to the software on the traffic cameras, he added.

The bill is expected to be put before plenum next week on June 20.