Amid the broader negative market sentiments triggered by macroeconomic uncertainty, Solana’s price records a four-week downtrend but gearing up for a major rally. On the other hand, Sandbox is introducing a new event, City Jam Paris, where creators use Parisian neighborhoods and landmarks to build on a Paris estate with a shared pool of 30,000 SAND tokens.

Meanwhile, Rollblock is emerging as the next 100x altcoin of 2024. It introduces a revolutionary revenue share model that has drawn interest in the broader crypto market and could potentially record impressive milestones. This altcoin is poised to outshine established coins in the crypto market; here’s why!

2024’s Crypto gem: Rollblock (RBLK) is the next 100x Altcoin

Rollblock (RBLK) has been making headlines in the broader crypto market due to its unique revenue share model, robust presale performance, and massive higher returns. For context, Rollblock has delivered a 40% ROI in price value and raised over $726,000 in presale revenue, cementing its position as a contender in the altcoin market.

The online crypto casino aims to capitalize on the growth of the online gambling industry, which is projected to reach $744 billion by 2028. Essentially, Rollblock introduces a fully-fledged crypto casino that uses the power of blockchain technology to bridge the gap between the centralized and decentralized markets. With this view, the crypto games platform offers gamers fast bets, secure transactions, and high liquidity.

Each transaction is recorded in the blockchain, ensuring enhanced fairness and transparency. What’s more interesting is that Rollblock has easy sign-ups that don’t require KYC verifications—a feature that most standard online gambling platforms have. It enables users to register by providing an email address.

Additionally, the crypto games platform offers a revenue share model, allowing holders to earn passive income. In essence, Rollblock will use up to 30% of its weekly revenue to buy back RBLK tokens from circulation, triggering scarcity and weekly buying pressure. Moreover, half of the tokens are burned, while the other half is used for staking rewards. With this feature, analysts have deemed it among the best cryptos to buy for 100x returns.

Solana price hit a 4-week low amid macroeconomics uncertainty

Known for its fast, affordable transactions, Solana has been ranked among the best crypto investments. However, the altcoin has seen a consistent downtrend, underperforming the broader crypto market. Despite the sharp downturn amid macroeconomic uncertainty, its technical indicators suggest the altcoin may present a buying opportunity for its investors. Many Solana holders are rattled by the mixed economic signals that have prompted sell-off pressures on the blockchain. Moreover, the Solana S&P 500 index has remained stagnant after reaching an all-time high on June 7.

Investors are anticipating the Federal Reserve announcement on U.S. inflation data. Additionally, the downtrends are also linked to network issues, especially its maximum extractable value (MEV). Despite the Solana price drop, the demand for leveraging through SOL futures and its funding rates have remained unaffected. This stability in funding rate reflects Solana coin market stability. If the funding rate witnessed a sharp increase,  it would mean the bulls are over-leveraging, but that has not been the case for Solana crypto.

Sandbox introduces City Jam: Paris amid SAND dip

Due to its new network development, the GameFi protocol Sandbox is making a considerable buzz in the broader crypto market. The crypto games platform is introducing a new event in its ecosystem called City Jam: Paris. It offers multiple rewards to creators and artists from a shared pool of 30,000 SAND tokens. Artists would create Parisian neighborhoods and landmarks and display them on a Paris estate.

Moreover, creators have multiple entries of size 1×1 until June 27th. Despite the bullish Sandbox news, the price of SAND remained steady on its bearish trend. However, its technical indicators suggest that the price of SAND is gearing up for massive growth, cementing its position among the best cryptos to buy. Experts see Sandbox Crypto as offering intriguing opportunities for investors in the next bull market.

Is Rollblock the next 100x Altcoin on the market?

While Sandbox and Solana’s altcoins face market dynamics, Rollblock is emerging as the best blockchain-based games platform. It offers captivating experiences and opportunities to earn rewards. Additionally, with higher potential growth, Rollblock could surge 100x after tier-1 CEX listing in Q3, positioning it among the best altcoins to buy now.

Discover the exciting opportunities of the Rollblock (RBLK) presale today!



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