I am writing to express my strong disappointment and concern over the article “We trust the Cypriot government, but we certainly do not trust Israel” by Varsen Aghabekian (Cyprus Mail, June 19). As an Israeli living in Cyprus, I find this article not only misleading but also harmful.

The article contains numerous false statements and promotes an unjustified hatred towards Israel. This kind of misinformation is dangerous as it fuels unnecessary division and conflict. It is crucial for media outlets like Cyprus Mail to ensure that the information they publish is accurate and fair.

Israel and Cyprus have a long-standing relationship based on cooperation and mutual respect, particularly in areas like energy and security. Spreading lies and negative stereotypes only serves to undermine these important partnerships and create animosity.

Misinformation and biased articles do not contribute to constructive dialogue but rather to misunderstanding and hatred.

Uriya Ganor