The environmental authority has recently approved the construction and operation of a substantial residential development within plot B of the Limassol Greens golf resort.

This project, part of a larger €500 million development initiative by Lanitis Golf Public Co Ltd, is located in the Tserkezoi area of the Limassol district.

This venture forms a significant segment of the approved master plan and includes a detailed environmental impact assessment (EIA) study, focusing on the development of a golf course and an associated water supply strategy in Fassouri.

The environmental authority’s approval, issued on September 16, 2011, highlighted the project’s alignment with the policy on golf course licensing, governed by the council of ministers’ decisions.

Set in the northern sector of the resort, plot B covers an area of 25,394 square metres. The plot is located approximately 730 metres from residential areas to the east and near various essential services and landmarks.

In addition, it lies 6.7 km from Limassol’s historic centre, roughly 2.7 km from the new Limassol port, and adjacent to the Lady’s Mile coastal area.

The approved development, dubbed Starlings, envisages the construction of three six-story buildings, each featuring two and three-bedroom apartments, along with dedicated basement storage and parking spaces.

This initiative is expected to house about 414 residents, which constitutes approximately 13 per cent of the projected population for the entire resort.

The buildings themselves will span a height of 22 metres, covering a total area of 8,021 square metres each, including the basement.

The proposed Starlings development features residential units alongside community facilities. Each of the three buildings includes adult and children’s swimming pools, sanitary facilities, and a playground, all easily accessible within ample green spaces.

The adult pools cover 190 square meters each with a depth of 1.2 meters, suitable for recreation and fitness. Children’s pools are 10 square meters with a depth of 0.3 meters.

Moreover, the site includes 13,090 square meters of Bermuda turf and Mediterranean plants.

Infrastructure includes an internal road network and 64 parking spaces. Overall, 63.5 per cent of the site prioritises green spaces, pools, and playgrounds, which, according to a press release, reflects a “commitment to modern urban living in Limassol”.