Since the traffic camera system became fully operational, reports on Wednesday indicated that around 1,700 drivers are being caught daily for various offenses, which could become unmanageable in terms of issuing fines.

There are currently 20 mobile and 85 fixed cameras in operation islandwide. According to Phileleftheros, citing the transport ministry, 1,700 drivers are being reported every day.

Before the full rollout, around 500 offenders were caught daily.

Based on the new figures, it is estimated that every year more than 600,000 drivers will be reported by cameras alone.

The paper cited sources saying that it was one thing for the system to manage 200,000 out-of-court fines – the number until now – but over half a million will cause problems for the system.

It is estimated that in the coming period, huge problems will crop up in terms of managing the fines, most of which are related to speeding.

Phileleftheros said the issue has already been discussed by the authorities, adding that police had pointed to the need to change how the system works and said it needed to be further automated.

In addition, the names of those who have not paid their fines will be entered into the computer systems of airports and ports and at the crossing points to the north.