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Natty new ways to wear knitwear


By Prudence Wade

Knitwear is no longer the reserve of itchy jumpers and gaudy prints.

Over the last few years, style icons like Katie Holmes have helped knitwear shed its stuffy reputation. Designers have also shown us just how versatile wool can be – still suitable for those days when you want to cosy up in something warm and fluffy, but also totally appropriate for a more risqué look.

Throughout 2020, our attitudes towards fashion have shifted – and many of these changes look like they’re here to stay. We’ve become less interested in constrictive ensembles and sky-high heels, instead choosing comfortable clothes that make us look and feel great – and this is where knitwear really fits in.

It’s perfect for colder weather, infinitely comfortable, and can be styled in a multitude of ways. If you’re looking to switch up your woollies, these are the best styles to try this season…


Fashion3 Collar Contrasting Knit Cardigan From Zara
Contrasting Knit Cardigan from Zara

Collared tops

Who said knitwear couldn’t dip its toes into the athleisure trend? For a sportier take on woollies, brands like Lacoste and Ganni have been adding collars to knitted tops and jumpers.

This look also ties in with another big trend of the moment: Big Collar Energy. As so many of us have swapped offices for Zoom calls, we’ve adopted a ‘waist up’ approach to dressing. A super-sized collar is the perfect way to do this – and it’s a look that takes inspiration from Princess Diana, whose fashion we’ve all become re-obsessed with lately, thanks to season four of The Crown.

To get in on the preppy look, pick a jumper, cardigan or slim-fit knitted top with a collar – either in the same colour or a contrasting design for extra impact.


Square necklines

For a modern take on knitwear, take a leaf out of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s book and opt for a square neckline. The model and businesswoman often wears a geometric neck, as it’s an easy way to make a knitted jumper look cutting edge.

It’s also a good opportunity to show off your favourite jewellery, so don’t forget to accessorise with a chunky necklace.


Fashion2 Knitted Trousers Top Cardigan And Trousers From Miss Selfridge
Camel Wide Rib Crop, Wide Rib Cardigan and Wide Ribbed Joggers from Miss Selfridge

Knitted trousers

Luckily for anyone who can’t bear to leave the house in anything other than loungewear now, woollen trousers have exploded in popularity – and they’re just as comfy as your favourite pair of trackies.

To make knitted trousers appropriate for the outdoors, we recommend going all-in on a matching set. Team with a snazzy pair of trainers and a well-tailored coat, and no one will clock you’re wearing glorified pyjamas.


Form-fitting dresses

Woollen dresses don’t usually have the coolest of reputations, but they’ve had a serious image overhaul this season. Instead of shapeless, sack-like silhouettes, form-fitting knitted dresses have been taking over Instagram.

This is the kind of outfit that suits any body type, and you can opt for as much or as little coverage as you feel comfortable with. We particularly like long-sleeved dresses with interesting necklines or open backs, making for an unexpected take on a classic knitted ensemble.


Graphic prints

Many of us fall into the trap of a winter wardrobe swathed in black. If you’re desperate to get a bit more colour into your life, it could be time to get in on the trend for geometric prints in knitwear.

This is all about jumpers and cardigans with graphic prints and bright colours. You can go all-in on the look with clashing colours and interesting patterns, or take a more low-key path and add the odd splash of lime green. Ultimately, it’s all about making knitwear bright and playful.


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