We all have phones and therefore we all have cameras. We can take a picture, edit it, post it, feel proud of it, so what makes a photographer a photographer? There is a whole art behind creating, composing and capturing an image and Nicosia-based photography club/gallery Fotodos is dedicated to bringing it closer to the public.

Over the years they have held exhibitions, workshops and presentations at their venue with Thursday evenings devoted to lectures and discussions. Having adapted to online presentations, Fotodos has planned several virtual gatherings in January and February with professional photographers, poets and writers.

Coming up on January 14 is a 40-minute discussion with poet Constantinos Kokologiannis presenting the life and work of director Pier Paolo Pasolini. “I gave various explanations as to why I love cinema,” Pasolini once said. “I wanted to use a different technique driven by my expressive obsession. I wanted to change language by abandoning the Italian. A form of protest against languages and society. But the real explanation is that I, by making a film, reproduce reality, so I am very close to this first human language, which is human action and represents life and reality.”

The lecture, which takes place in Greek, will begin at 7.45pm on Zoom and is open to all for free. However, the following two lecures will be in English as internationally-acclaimed photographers come on board. On January 21, Fotodos will host photographer Bego Antón as she presents her latest two projects, delving into her process of developing a photographic series, usually related to fantasy and magical realism.

Her project The Earth Is Only A Little Dust Under Our Feet is a deep investigation into the existence of elves and other magical creatures in Iceland from a period of six years she travelled all around the island to meet Icelanders who have the ability to see them. All Of Them Witches is a very personal recreation on the witch hunt in the Basque Country based on the descriptions women accused of witchcraft gave to the inquisitors when they were made to confess by torture and threats. Her presentation will last around 50 minutes, after which participants can join a Q&A.

February’s first presentation will see photographer Elinor Carucci join Fotodos and its photography followers to talk about her life, career and different bodies of work, from working as an artist as well as working and shooting for magazines. Carucci will touch on her beginnings in Jerusalem all the way till today, 25 years after she moved to New York City.

Her move to the Big Apple happened after she graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts in 1995 with a degree in photography. Since then, her work has been included in many solo and group exhibitions worldwide.

Apart from these photography discussions and presentations – plus more that are to follow – Fotodos is also planning film screenings and book presentations. All of them course taking place online as the current normal calls for.

Pier Paolo Pasolini

Presentation of the director’s life and work by poet Constantinos Kokologiannis. January 14. 7.45pm-9pm. Free. In Greek. On Zoom. Tel: 99-414788

Bego Antón: About Elves and Witches

Lecture with Bilbao-born photographer on her two latest projects. January 21. 7.45pm-9pm. Free. In English. On Zoom. Tel: 99-414788

Elinor Carucci Talking about her Work; 1986 till 2000

Lecture by photographer on her work and the art of photography. February 4. 7.45pm-9pm. Free. In English. On Zoom. Tel: 99-414788