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On jumping the vaccine queue and the need for positive news

Εμβολιασμός στο Γενικό Νοσοκομείο
Christina Yiannaki

A couple of weeks ago it was reported that the permanent secretary of the health ministry, Christina Yiannaki, along with director general of Okypy Christis Loizides, had jumped the queue and were vaccinated in clear violation of the health ministry’s protocols.

However, since then there has been no official statement from the health ministry other than confirming that the protocol was indeed violated. Will there be any investigation into this matter and if there is not, does this not encourage other people in authority (or access to the vaccine) to be vaccinated as they will not face any repercussions?

On another note, why is the health ministry not regularly reporting the number of people who have actually recovered from the coronavirus. We are, I believe, one of the very few countries that does not do this and based on official health ministry data only 8 per cent have recovered as opposed to 70-90 per cent in most other countries.

A bit of ‘positive news’ will be well received by us all.

MI, Nicosia


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