The reopening of the two police stations at Ledra street and the one at Paphos gate after completion of renovation works will increase safety in the old town, Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis said on Monday.

In statements following a visit to the Ledra police station with police chief Stelios Papatheodorou, Yiolitis expressed satisfaction that the station had reopened.

The station, which opened last Monday, will be staffed with the 21 officers released from their duties as personal guards of politicians following a cabinet decision.

The officers will be patrolling the old town including Elftheria square and nearby streets with the aim “to increase residents’ feeling of safety”, Yiolitis said.

In his comments about the reopening, Papatheodorou said it will not just increase the feeling of safety but will offer “real safety” to residents.

He said the station will be the starting point for foot and bicycle patrols as well as moped patrols.

The minister also visited the old police station at nearby Paphos gate which is currently closed for renovation.

“We want Paphos gate [police station] to reopen. Of course, it needs restoration and renovation to be able to operate,” Yiolitis said.

Once the works are completed, the ministry expects to transfer the community and bicycle patrol department for the policing of the old town there. But the old colonial building will also house the police’s museum and a section dedicated to the history of the city’s Venetian walls, the minister added.