The forthcoming opening up of primary schools must be carried out in an organised and proper manner, president of primary school teachers union Poed Myria Vasiliou told the Cyprus News Agency on Sunday.

She said it is important any move to open schools be accompanied by clear instructions so safety measures can be met.

The government team of scientific advisors is set to meet the president on Monday to make discuss relaxations after the current lockdown ends next Sunday. Decision are set to be announced after the council of ministers meets on Wednesday.

It is thought they will include a gradual opening of schools, starting with primary schools on February 1.

“The opening of primary schools has consumed teachers, parents and children for the last few days,” she said. “It is widely accepted that education in the classroom offers a lot more to the children, although this does not undermine the huge effort that has been undertaken by the ministry and which has kept education alive for the last few weeks”.

She added that the teachers are ready to educate children however they are asked to.

“But it is the wish of all to create the right circumstances for children and teachers to return to the classroom,” she said.

“The coming opening of primary schools must happen in a way that is organized and proper,” she said.