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Appeal dismissed against Paphos municipality for dismantling beach cafe

Paphos town hall

The operator of a beach cafe in Kato Paphos has seen his case dismissed by the Paphos court, which found the local municipality had acted lawfully when they removed the structure, according to an announcement.

The case concerns a ‘beach cafe’ that had been operated by a local businessman, a tenant of the municipal cafe, Deck, since 1995, the announcement noted.

He is also ordered to pay legal costs amounting to €1,800 plus VAT, said Paphos municipality.

“By decision of 22.1.2021, the Administrative Court dismissed Appeal No. 6/2018 by the kiosk operator against the municipality of Paphos,” they noted.

The businessman challenged that that municipality ‘interfered’ with his ‘kiosk’ and did not confirm the termination of his right to build and operate an open kiosk measuring 3 x 3 metres on the beach, the termination of his licence for street vending on the same beach, the right to use part of the beach, and the right to manage the kiosk that the municipality wanted erected, a spokesman for the municipality explained.

However, the municipality said that the operator had erected a kiosk on the beach and for many years operated it as a street vendor.

“Violating the terms of the agreement with the municipality to rent the complex, he illegally constructed a kiosk and placed table and seats in an outdoor area, turning it into a café-snack facility on the beach,” the announcement said.

The municipality’s lawyers, claimed that the municipality terminated the situation lawfully and were based on the contracts signed with the municipality in 1995 and 2001,

“The court held that the actions of the municipality were indeed lawful and valid and dismissed the Action as inadmissible, ordering that the operator pay legal costs of €1,800 plus VAT.”

“Also, this man had made a complaint to the police against both the municipality of Paphos and the mayor of Paphos, Phedonas Phedonos, for the removal of the kiosk and for alleged criminal offence of the mayor in connection with the demolition of the stand-premises. The allegations were investigated and it was found that no offence had been committed.”

The decision of the court in this appeal essentially confirms the legality and validity of the actions and actions of the municipality of Paphos and the mayor, the announcement added.

“The appeal was rejected because this was not his property, it is public property and the municipality was in the right,” a spokesman underlined.


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