Vandals have destroyed new benches placed at a viewing point in Aglandja with a view of the Pentadaktylos mountains, the municipality announced on Thursday.

Aglandja municipality posted pictures on social media of the newly installed wooden tables and chairs, destroyed with red spray paint even before their official reveal.

The damage appeared to have happened overnight according to the municipality, who assured residents that efforts to upgrade the area will not be stopped.

“The benches will be cleaned, and we call on residents to let us know if they have any information,” the post said.

A carved sign on the wooden construction reads “So close…and yet so far!” referring to the non-government-controlled areas, visible from the sitting area.

Commentators expressed their dismay, with many suggesting it must have been teenagers who were bored at home due to the restriction measures against the spread of Covid-19.

“Silly kids who are bored during the coronavirus lockdown. Training centres are closed, pools are closed, football [training] is banned and they are trying to entertain themselves,” one woman commented.

“Also it gives the impression that young people need education on appreciating the nature and the efforts of others,” she added.