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TikTok has got personal finance (for real)

Tiktok Finacne

Here are some things you can learn on TikTok: how to make a hot cocoa bomb; how to use pasta water; how to lip sync; how to make your hair look better than ever.

Actually I can’t vouch for any of these. The videos on TikTok aren’t backed by guarantees.

So, when it comes to managing your money, videos on TikTok probably won’t be reliable. But you already guessed that, didn’t you? You weren’t planning on wading through viral dance videos to find the stock tip that would make you rich?

Yet thousands do look for financial advice on Tiktok: personal finance TikTok, also known as #FinTok or #StockTok, has become incredibly popular, and not just with young people.

And it’s not all scams.

There are a considerable number of genuine financial experts on TikTok, and they ain’t just dancing the ‘Say so’ dance. Get on the app to find genuine experts in mortgages, savings, credit, etc. Some of the advice is quite sophisticated, although nearly all of it is geared to younger audiences.

Humphrey Yang is one of these experts. The 32-year former financial advisor focuses on investing basics, because most of his audience is under 25. But Yang vouchsafes the very solid concept that personal finance is about getting you where you want to go. The thing is to know how to make it happen, and with that very practical approach, Yang now has nearly one million viewers.

Tori Dunlap is a 26-year-old real money expert who mixes feminism and financial advice. She has committed herself to “fighting the patriarchy” with personal finance.

But her approach is not only for women, and she has gained nearly 300,000 followers by teaching us all to learn how to make the “First 100K.”

Bored during lockdown, Jamie Fankhauser thought that TikTok might be amusing. But she soon decided to go from fandom to finance.

Fankhauser, who has a degree in business management, decided to advise people about broader themes than just savings or investment. She talks a lot about how to run a business and manage its finances, and gets into high-level investing too.

These are just a few of the advisors on TikTok who, if you think you’re too old for the app, might make you want to download it.

And what about the scams?

Surely we’ve heard it all on YouTube already. No, he/she won’t make you rich. No, paying him/her will not provide you with a special scheme to win on the stock market. No, playing these games will not earn you €500 per day (avoid anything like IMoney).

If it sounds amazing, it’s probably a scam. But the serious and well-educated financial advisors on TikTok might just have something to teach us. For real.



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