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Street art that has two paintings hidden in one

Stathis Tsavalias, also known as Insane51, is a young Greek muralist based in Athens, and one of the pioneers of 3D art, which pushes the boundaries of graffiti.

Insane51 interweaves two separate pictures, one made in red and the other in cyan, to create his double exposure 3D murals. This is called anaglyph 3D art, and a pair of 3D glasses is needed to see the individual pictures within the larger one.

Viewers can look through just the red half of the 3D glasses to see one picture, and then switch to the cyan half to see a separate picture, or they can appreciate both simultaneously by wearing the glasses normally.

Anaglyph 3D works because each eye uses filters of different colours to process an image.

View the original video here.

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