Fulfilling a long-standing request by Dherynia Municipality, four buildings that belonged to the now defunct co-op have been renovated to be used by the town’s residents.

In a statement on Tuesday, Dherynia Municipality said it had first started lobbying for the transfer of the premises in 2014 with demarches to the Co-op Central Bank, which was later closed down.

In 2019, it was informed by the finance ministry that cabinet had decided that all the former Co-op Central Bank premises will be made available for use by the municipality to serve local needs at a symbolic fee.

“Today, four buildings with their parking, such as the former supermarket, the bank branch, the construction material warehouse and the clothing shop are being renovated to serve residents,” the municipality said.

The former bank branch is housing Dherynia police station after consultation with the justice ministry and Famagusta district police. The municipal library, which has a collection of 17,000 books will be housed in the clothing shop where the public will be able to borrow books or carry out research.

Recently, the former construction material warehouse was renovated and is being used by municipality sanitary and maintenance staff, while the adjoining open area has been fenced off and will be used by the public and municipal staff for tree cuttings.

There are thoughts of turning the former supermarket into a youth centre, the municipality added.

The lease signed by the municipality and Kedipes/Altamira, which took over the non-performing loans and properties of the co-op, is for 20 years with an option for renewal.