The second edition of the Larnaca Biennale, an International Exhibition of Fine Arts is, set to take place later this year, following on from its 2018 edition with more than 18,000 visitors at the main exhibition and more than 4,000 spectators at parallel events, making it the biggest and most popular international arts event in Cyprus.

Although the second edition of the Larnaca Bienniale was postponed for a year due to the pandemic, that allowed the organisers to prepare and consider all possible scenarios for a proper and successful edition in 2021.

As the open call for artwork submissions remains open until the end of next month, artists from 34 countries have already applied. The open call is under the theme ‘Limitless limits’, conceived by Curator Vassilis Vassiliades.

“Limits change, expand, shift; but they cannot be annulled because then what they define would be annulled too,” explained Vassiliades. “In this paradoxical age of utter deconstruction, of a single globalised society, of a single device, a single social model, such a notion could sound provocative, perhaps because we often confuse challenging limits with challenging their very existence. The first could be the definition of freedom, the second is a rather superficial version of it. To claim that there are no limits is equivalent to shouting at the top of your lungs to someone standing right in front of you: ‘To me, you do not exist!’ But to address someone means to acknowledge they exist.

“Are there spaces that do not negotiate their limits? Are there limits in nature or is this a socially constructed notion? Can something exist beyond limits forever or merely for some time? And if yes, at what cost? In the end, are there any limits? There are, but they are limitless.”

Participation is open to all artists, professionals or amateurs, art students, designers and photographers who are 18 or older with the deadline closing on March 31. Groups of artists are also entitled to participate as a team with a single proposal whilst an artist can apply as a member of a team and also as a solo participant.

Applicants must send the application form with up to three photos of the suggested work. All participants will be notified by email whether their work has been selected or not, by the second week of May. The full list of rules can be found on

In addition to the main exhibition at the Larnaca Municipal Gallery, Pierides Museum and other exhibition places, the Bienniale – from October 13 to November 26 – will host a series of artistic and cultural parallel events such as concerts, theatre, performances, lectures, workshops, organised tours for schools and visitors.

The main objective of the organisers is to establish a truly global event with high-quality standards that puts Larnaca and Cyprus on the world map of the most important international art events.

“If you are an artist, join us for the competition,” the organising team said. “If you are an art lover join us to experience the Larnaca Biennale 2021!”

Application and more information on Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @biennalelarnaca