Main opposition Akel will be in touch with the competent ministries to expedite the resolution of problems faced by Maronite living in the north of the island, party leader Andros Kyprianou said following a meeting with Maronite community leaders and parliamentary representative Yiannakis Moussas.

The north’s approach to the coronavirus has caused great difficulties to the Maronites and those who have been resettled in villages in the north in recent years, Kyprianou said.

Authorities in the north have banned crossings, even of individuals from special groups (such as Maronites and the Greek Cypriot enclaved) without them having to quarantine, thus preventing people from regularly crossing between the two sides.

According to Kyprianou this has resulted in many Maronites being forced to temporarily relocate to the government-controlled areas.

At the same time, farmers are concerned they will not be able to continue their agricultural activities as many are losing their parents, on whom their land is registered, he added, explaining that this will make it even more difficult for them to receive state support.

“We will be in touch with the competent ministries to ask that these completely justified complaints are resolved,” Kyprianou said.

Moussas thanked Akel on behalf of the community for its help, expressing the hope that the party will help alleviate the above problems and their consequences on Maronite villages, their inhabitants, and those who visit them.

For the Maronite community, a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem is very important, Moussas said. “We have said many times that we want a solution to the Cyprus problem and we want it as soon as possible.”

The community’s problems will only be solved along with the Cyprus problem, Kyprianou said, adding that Akel is calling on the President to act within the framework agreed upon with the international and Turkish Cypriot community to ensure a fair and swift resolution.