Hundreds of women marched to the Presidential Place on Saturday demanding equality at home and work.

The rally was organised by Akel affiliated, Women’s Movement Pogo and Peo trade union’s female workers branch, ahead of International Women’s Day marked each year on March 8. Other groups and organisations also took part.

The women, but also men, wearing protective face masks, called for equal treatment in all aspects of life, including equal pay, with a banner also calling for a “stop to the rape culture.” A live music programme was also

The event was addressed by Akel leader Andros Kyprianou and head of Peo trade union, Pambis Kyritsis.

Kyprianou pointed out that in Cyprus women must work 40 days more in a year than men to earn the same salary as them, incidents of domestic violence have erupted in recent years while murders of women shock society from time to time.

Taking a swipe at the government, Kyprianou also said that care facilities for children and the elderly that the Anastasiades government shut down were necessary today more than ever, since working hours remain unregulated.