A total of 43,448 people received inpatient care through the general health scheme (Gesy) since its introduction, according to figures released by the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) on Thursday.

Specifically, 8,800 patients underwent general surgery, 2,000 patients underwent orthopaedic surgery, 3,000 women gave birth through Gesy, and 2,200 patients who were on long-term waiting lists underwent inpatient services.

According to the HIO, 70 per cent of all doctors in Cyprus signed up for the scheme, and 88 per cent of hospital beds in the country are occupied by patients who are in the programme.

Moreover, almost 100 per cent of laboratories and 95 per cent of pharmacies are operating under the Gesy umbrella.

A total of 853,422 people have registered with Gesy’s list of GPs. 756,440 people have paid at least one visit to their personal physicians, 574,007 have been examined by a specialist, 333,080 and 606,083 patients have been prescribed drugs through the health scheme.